Everyone has a budget. While we would all love to have a large budget, each and every person is constrained by some sort of financial limit. For the billionaires of that world, that limit isn’t much of a concern. For the rest of us, however, each decision that we make has at least some degree of financial consideration included. When it comes to vacations and travel, that is especially true. There are only some many ‘recreational dollars’ in the budget, so decisions often come down to choosing between one option or another.

In this article, we will look at how to choose between purchasing a vacation home and buying an RV. Both have their pros and cons, and while they aren’t the same cost (homes are far more expensive, of course), you might find yourself trying to decide between these two different types of vacationing.

The Arguments For and Against a Vacation Homevacationhome

Buying a vacation home is a dream in many ways. Where it is a goal for many people to afford a single home that they can call their own, some people are fortunate enough to own two (or more) homes where they can spend time with family and friends. If you find yourself in a position to buy a second home in a great location, it is an opportunity that might feel too good to pass up. When you visit your second home, you can truly relax and live the vacation lifestyle without the worries of home. It will feel like a getaway, and you will likely be surrounded by others who want to enjoy this time with you.

Of course, owning a second home means that you have another home to manage, just like your first home. Houses don’t take care of themselves, so you will need to deal with maintenance issues that come up, insurance, care for the grounds, etc. If you live a long way away from your second home, it may be necessary to hire a property manager to watch over your second house – especially if you plan to rent it out to make back some of your expenses. It is very possible that your second house will quickly start to feel like an obligation rather than a vacation.

The Arguments For an Against an RV

An RV will go just about anywhere you want to go. As long as the roads are open and there is an RV park somewhere in the area, you can take your vacations all around the country and beyond. The freedom of owning an RV is one of the first things that draws most people in to this style of vacationing. On the other hand, an RV will never be a house. Even though modern RV’s are tremendously comfortable and well-appointed on the inside, it is impossible to find the same amenities that you find in a nice home. Living in an RV while traveling will always come with sacrifices, even if you enjoy the RV lifestyle overall.

In the end, of course, the choice is yours. Perhaps the most important question of all is this – do you want to travel to different places, or do you want to spend all of your vacation time in one specific area? Buying a second home means that location will become your frequent travel spot, while RV ownership means you can go just about anywhere. Do you like reliability or comfort and familiarity? That is the question that will likely make your decision clear in the debate of RV vs. vacation home ownership.


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