Enjoy Your RV Even in the Summer Heat

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy your RV. After all, the rain should stay away for the most part, and you probably won’t have to worry about packing much warm clothing for the trip. While many people enjoy the use of their RV’s all year round, there is no doubt that summer is truly the high season for RV vacations.

Of course, there can be a downside to traveling in the summer. Sometimes, that wonderful sunshine that you headed out to enjoy can become just a bit too hot. Even the most loyal sun-lover will admit that there is a certain point whereocean_view_3-1024x685 the heat becomes too much, and a camping trip can turn into a sweltering experience rather than a relaxing time away from home.

If you are going to enjoy your RV even when the summer heats up, you will need to have the right supplies and a good plan for how to beat the heat. As long as you are well-equipped and your rig is working properly, you should be able to have a great time even as temperatures soar.

It All Starts with the A/C

Obviously, if you want to stay comfortable during a hot camping trip, it all starts with a well-functioning air conditioning unit on your RV. Make sure that the unit is working correctly before you leave, and get it serviced if necessary before the trip. When you are using the air conditioner, make sure to keep the RV closed up (doors and windows), so you don’t waste any of that valuable cool air by letting it escape to the outside!

Avoid Direct Sun

This tip starts before you even head out for your trip. Plan ahead and pick a campground that offers plenty of shaded spots for you to choose from. If you head to an RV destination that is out in the open with no trees in sight, you will be stuck under the direct sun – and even a good A/C unit might not be enough to keep you cool then. Find a campground that has plenty of shaded spots and try to get there early to secure one. By keeping direct sunlight off of the RV for as much of the day as possible, you can give your air conditioner a fighting chance to keep the interior cool and comfortable.

Stay near the Water

Camping near the water during a hot summer week makes sense for a couple reasons. First, and most obviously, you could take a swim in the water to cool off during a hot afternoon. Of course, you need to make sure that swimming is both safe and legal in the water that you are camped near. Look for designated swim areas and follow all proper safety procedures.

Also, camping near the water has the added benefit of offering a cooling effect on the whole area. If you are able to get a waterfront camp spot, you should notice that temperatures are a few degrees cooler simply because of your location near the water. Obviously, these spots are usually the most-desirable in the campground, so find out if the campground takes reservations to stake out your spot.

Extra Ice, Water

No matter how well your air conditioner does at keeping the interior of your RV cool, you are still likely to sweat during the day while you are outside enjoying whatever activities you take part in. It is crucial that you rehydrate throughout the day to avoid potential dehydration. Even minor dehydration can make you feel ill, and major dehydration is a serious medical problem. Stay ahead of it by drinking water early and often. Make sure you bring plenty of drinking water along for the trip, and try to include extra ice in your coolers as well.

You don’t have to stay home just because the summer has started to warm up, but you need to be careful and take the right precautions to stay safe when camping during the hot time of year. Pick out a smart destination that will be comfortable during warm weather, and bring all of the necessary supplies to keep cool. Be sure to test out that air conditioner before you leave, and arrive early if possible to find that perfect shady spot to park your rig!


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