Although RV travel is generally thought of as a family activity, it is also suitable for solo travel if you are so inclined. Many of the great benefits to RV travel that are enjoyed by families can also be enjoyed when you are taking trip by yourself. The convenience of being able to stay close to a lake or a river, the ease of bringing your accommodations with you to your destination, and the space to pack plenty of gear all apply whether you are traveling with others or all alone.

However, even though RV’s are great for solo trips, there are a few things that you will want to think about before Optimized-Dollarphotoclub_59571472you head off for a vacation on your own. As long as you consider these points prior to your departure, you should be set up nicely for a memorable trip.

Tell Someone Where You Are Going

Even if you are only going for a short trip, and even if you are going along a well-established route, you should always inform someone of your plans before you head off. This is a simple step that you can take which could prove crucial if something should happen to you or your RV along the way. For example, if you are staying at a campground that doesn’t happen to have any other campers around, you could suffer some form of medical emergency or RV breakdown and you may have no way to get help. If someone back home knows where you are and knows when you should be home, they could contact the appropriate authorities if you don’t return on time.

Stay Connected

It can be lonely to camp on your own for a period of time, so consider taking trips to destinations where you can remain connected via the internet. By having an internet connection available, you can check in with family or friends while you are enjoying your vacation. Even just a quick chat with someone from home will restore your spirits and have you ready for more adventure in the wilderness.

Pick Activities Wisely

When planning your trip, be sure to pick destinations that make sense as places you can go to engage in solo activities. You wouldn’t want to head somewhere that you would need another person along with you in order to have fun taking part in the local activities. Things like fishing and short hikes are popular solo activities, so consider those as options when picking a destination for your getaway. Of course, you always want to be safe anytime you are out in the wilderness, and be sure to pack all necessary equipment when you head out to enjoy one of your favored pastimes.

There is no reason you can’t take an RV trip alone, as long as you are smart about your planning and you understand how to safely use all of your RV equipment by yourself. While you probably won’t want to travel alone all of the time, the occasional solo trip could be just the thing to recharge your batteries.


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