One of the best advantages of going on a vacation in an RV is the opportunity to have your own personal kitchen traveling with you. If you are going out to a campground, for example, you will have a kitchen at your disposal as soon as you get parked – as opposed to tent camping, where you would have to set up a stove, etc. Not only is it easier to cook when you travel in an RV instead of tent camping, but you will also be able to create better meals based on the equipment and facilities you have available.

However, cooking in an RV is still not quite like cooking at home. You won’t have as much space available, nor will you likely have as many heat sources as you likely do in your home kitchen. Therefore, thinking about meals and recipes that are simple to create and don’t make too much of a mess is your best bet to have an enjoyable cooking experience. Also, when you are on vacation and have so many fun opportunities laying outside the walls on the RV, you don’t want to spend too much time inside standing in the kitchen.Family eating in RV interior, travel in camper on vacation

Following are five dinner ideas that should allow you to enjoy a delicious meal created right from your RV kitchen.


One of the things you want to think about when you are planning RV meals is limiting the number of pots and pans that you use to create the meal – and the number of dishes needed to eat it. Spaghetti is a great option because it is a one-dish meal to eat, and can be a one pot meal to create if think it through properly. By cooking any vegetables you are using first (onions, mushrooms), then cooking your meat in the same pot, you can limit how many dishes you have to do after dinner is over. Of course, you will need to boil water for the noodles in another pot, but there is no cleanup involved with that except for dumping out the leftover pasta water. Serve up the spaghetti with meat sauce in bowls and simply give them a quick rinse when you are finished. Spaghetti tends to be popular with kids, and is a nice warm meal on a cool evening.


Much like spaghetti, you can create tacos using a limited number of dishes in the kitchen. Also, tacos are easy to eat outside if you choose to sit around the campfire while having dinner instead of sitting inside the RV. If you make your seasoning before you leave for the trip, you could put it in a plastic bag and not need to bring a variety of different spice jars to flavor your food. Another advantage to tacos is that leftovers tend to be easy to store in the fridge and are great for a snack the next day.

Hot Sandwiches

Many people like having sandwiches for a meal on an RV vacation because they are quick and easy to put together. However, a cold sandwich might not sound that great for dinner when the sun goes down and the temperature drops. For a change of pace, try a hot sandwich such as some roast beef with sautéed vegetables and cheese. To make this meal in an RV, you will only need to warm up the meat for the sandwich, and use just one pan to sauté some veggies. You should be able to put together this dinner in just a few minutes, and there won’t be much of a mess to clean up.

Hot Dogs and Chili

This is somewhat of a classic camping dinner for many people, and it can be easily put together in an RV kitchen. The chili can simply be put into a pot and warmed on the stove top in just a few minutes. For the hot dogs, you can boil them on the stove top – or you can cook them outside over the campfire (if you have one). All you would need in order to cook the hot dogs over a fire is some roasting sticks that you can slide the hot dogs onto before holding them out over the fire to roast.


Another classic camping dinner, you should only need one pan to cook up some hamburger patties in your RV kitchen, and you can be eating dinner in only a few minutes after putting the burgers on the stove. If you use something premade like potato chips for a side dish, you can have this dinner put together quickly and there will be very little cleanup after the meal.


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