When you decide that you are going to purchase an RV, you face a dilemma right away – should you buy a trailer, or a Motorhome? There are other options as well, of course. Campers which sit on top of pickup trucks, tent trailers, Optimized-Dollarphotoclub_4128712and 5th wheelers also get included in the RV category, but most buyers are going to be picking between a trailer and a Motorhome. While each of these two options can lead to great experiences down the line, you will want to consider your choice carefully before making the purchase.

Do You Own a Truck?

One of the first things to consider in this debate is whether or not you already own a truck that would be capable of pulling a trailer. If you do, you could save a significant amount of money by taking the trailer option, as they are less expensive than Motorhomes (due to the fact that they don’t have an engine). Of course, if your truck is aging and won’t be up to the task of pulling the trailer for long, you would then have to replace the truck in order to keep using the trailer.

Which Style Do You Prefer?

Traveling with a truck and trailer is significantly different than traveling in a Motorhome. In a Motorhome, everyone in your party can spread out throughout the rig while you are traveling, although they may need to be strapped in to a seat belt depending on the regulations in your state (and you should probably be buckled up for your safety, anyway). In a truck, on the other hand, everyone will be in the cabin of the truck while the trailer simply gets pulled behind. There really isn’t a ‘right or wrong’ in this case, so it just depends on which style of travel is preferred by you and your family.

Having a Vehicle

One of the instant advantages to truck and trailer travel is the ability to unhook the truck from the trailer once you arrive at your campsite. With the trailer set up for your stay, you will then have the truck free and clear to use for any errands or side trips that require transportation. Of course, it is possible to pull an additional vehicle along behind your Motorhome for this same purpose, however you might not currently own a vehicle suitable for towing – meaning you would have to buy another car in order to have this option.

To pick between a truck/trailer combination and a Motorhome, you will need to think carefully about where you like to travel, what you like to do when you get there, and how many people will be going with you on those trips. Even though this can be a difficult choice, you will probably find that your decision becomes rather clear after thinking through the realities of each option. No matter which one you choose, owning an RV opens up many new camping possibilities for you and your family. Happy travels!


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