Why RV Travel Beats a Hotel Every Time

When you are thinking about future vacations that you and your family can take, there are a few options that you can consider. Of course, you could purchase an RV and enjoy everything that they have to offer. Alternatively, you could travel by staying at hotels near the sights and attractions that you are interested in. For many families, the decision comes down to these two option as they try to figure out which will be a better use of their money, and which will allow them to have more fun along the way.

Following are a few reasons why traveling in an RV beats a hotel for almost any trip. That isn’t to say that you can’t have fun by staying in hotels for a trip – because you certainly can – but RV’s just offer so much more.

Stay at the Destination

With some exceptions, most hotels are located in cities or along highways, as opposed to right at the destination itself that you are visiting. For example, if you are going to spend a few days a particular lake for fishing and swimming fun, you might need to stay in a hotel that is a few miles (or more) away and drive back and forth each day. When you own an RV,rv,motorcoach,motorhome you can probably find a campground right at the lake itself and wake up each morning just steps from the fun. In terms of convenience and proximity to the activities that you enjoy, RV’s have hotels beat almost every time.

A Piece of Home

Even the nicest hotel is still just a room that is rented by you for a few nights – and has been rented by many others over the years. Your RV is like an extension of your home, and it is yours alone to enjoy. You can already have some of your own belongings in the RV when you arrive at your destination, so it will feel comfortable and familiar right from the start. Additionally, if you own an RV, you can customize the interior design and functionality to meet with the needs of you and your family.

Kitchen Availability

Depending on the size and style of your RV, you could have a fully-functional kitchen available to you for the duration of your trip. While there are some hotel rooms that include kitchens, they can be hard to find and rather expensive as well. Having a kitchen means you can avoid having to get fast food all the time, which will save money and give you the satisfaction of cooking for your family. Especially for a family with young children, having a kitchen available is a big bonus over staying in a hotel.

Cost Controlled

Of course, owning an RV can be expensive, but at least it is something that you own and can resell at some point to recoup some of the cost. With a hotel room, you are paying the rate for the night and that money will never be coming back. When you take your RV to a campground, the nightly rates are generally pretty inexpensive. As long as you are comfortable with the monthly payment on your RV loan, you can enjoy taking off for a vacation any time without worrying about costly hotel rooms.

No Noisy Neighbors

You might have some rowdy people down the road from you in the campground, but at least they won’t be banging on the walls on stomping around on the ceiling like the can be in a hotel. Traveling in your own RV offers you an increased sense of privacy, and gives you a comforting and relaxing place to set up for a few days and enjoy your time away from work and the usual day to day routine.

There are some nice conveniences and luxuries that come along with staying in a hotel, but in the end, they just don’t stack up to all of the positives of owning an RV. Once you get comfortable with using your RV and getting it in and out of various campgrounds, you will start to see just how many options there are for memorable trips with your family in your trailer or motorhome.

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