RV travel is enjoyable for people of all ages, but much like many other things in life, kids just might have the most fun with it. Most kids love to camp anyway, as they enjoy all of the activity, nature, and adventure that goes along with it. When you are able to take an RV camping, the kids will enjoy the comfort and security that comes with an RV while still being out with nature on an exciting trip. If you are still trying to make a decision whether or not an RV is right for your family, think about how much your kids would be likely to enjoy the experience – that just might be all the motivation you need to take the plunge.

Following is a quick list of five reasons why RV travel is such a great activity for kids. Certainly there are more reasons than just these five to consider, but they are a good start. Little boy playing at camping site

  1. They get their own space. In most RV’s, you will be able to find a small space somewhere in the unit that the kids can call their own. Not only can they sleep there, but they can also relax and play games or read when they have some downtime during the day. If you were to go tent camping instead, the kids really wouldn’t have a dedicated place to make their own. This is actually a benefit for both kids and adults – they will like having their own little spot, and you will enjoy having a place for them to relax if they get tired as the day or week goes on.
  2. They can learn responsibility. As anyone who has owned and operated an RV can attest, there are many small tasks that go along with using one. While these tasks can quickly become second nature and be completed quickly by an experienced RV’er, there is plenty of opportunity to give kids some responsibility and let them be in charge of one small job. Obviously, this job should be something safe for them to do, and nothing that could cause a big problem on the rig if done incorrectly. By providing the kids with a task or two to care for the RV during the trip, you can teach them a little lesson in responsibility, and also take some of the load off of your own shoulders.
  3. A place to avoid the weather. One of the possible challenges that can arise when taking kids camping in a tent is the weather turning ugly. If it starts to rain or gets cold and windy, you might have a difficult time keeping the kids happy and engaged. With an RV, you will always have a spot to go to get out of the elements and make them feel more at home. If you are careful to pack entertainment like some movies or board games, you won’t have to worry about them losing interest in the trip even if the weather turns on you for a little while.
  4. Friends can come. The extra space that an RV often provides could mean that you are able to allow your kids to invite a friend or two to come along for the trip. Having a friend to share the experiences with will make an RV camping trip all that much more exciting, and will help them build relationships that could last for years to come.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. All parents understand the importance of a good night’s sleep – for both the parents and the kids. Since they are likely to be extra-active when you are on a trip, it is important for the kids to get good rest each night so they are ready to go for another day. As compared to sleeping on an air mattress on the ground inside a tent, sleeping in an RV is much more quiet and comfortable. Better sleep is likely when you bring an RV, which should allow everyone involved to have more fun throughout the vacation.

Most kids will have a great time taking a camping trip in an RV. If you purchase an RV and use it time and again to visit new places with your family, the kids will probably start to think of it as a second home and will be excited to head out on new adventures. Kids love to have fun no matter what they are doing, and taking a trip in an RV will allow them to do just that.

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