Without a doubt, California is one of the most-beautiful states in the entire country. California has a great diversity of geography to enjoy, from the rugged Pacific Coast to the lush Wine Country and much, much, more. You don’t have to go far in California to find something beautiful to look at, and there are plenty of wonderful outdoor activities which allow visitors and residents alike to get a little bit closer to nature.

Even compared to the rest of the state around it, Yosemite National Park stands at or near the top of the list when it comes to natural attractions in California. Yosemite is an incredibly popular National Park, and it is easy to see why Optimized-Dollarphotoclub_63722726with just a single visit. The stunning scenery within the park’s boundaries is simply hard to believe, and the list of things to do in Yosemite is certainly long enough to keep your busy for as long as you would like to stay.

Things to See

It almost isn’t necessary to worry about what you should see when you arrive at Yosemite, because there will be so many great options to pick from when you do reach the park. Among the many highlights that have been enjoyed by millions of visitors over the years includes the Yosemite Valley, Wawona, Glacier Point, Crane Flat, and many more. You can either choose to have a detailed itinerary for your trip in order to check off specific sights, or you can arrive at the park without a schedule and take it as it comes.

Things to Do

 One of the great things about Yosemite is that you can be as active or inactive as you choose during your visit. If you would like to take it easy, you can simply arrive and see all of the sights that are accessible by vehicle. However, if you would like to get out and explore a little bit of the park, there are plenty of options for you in that area as well. Some of the popular activities within Yosemite National Park include fishing, hiking, backpacking, photography, rock climbing, and more. Yosemite is internationally known as a rock climbing destination, so even if you aren’t interested in climbing the rock faces yourself, you may be able to watch others in action.


RV Camping Available Inside the Park

The good news for RV owners is that there are RV campsites available at locations inside the park. There are 10 campgrounds which you can pick from, however the maximum length for RV’s varies from campground to campground so be sure to plan ahead before you head out. Hookups are not offered inside the park, and you will only be permitted to run a generator during certain times of the day. Of course, Yosemite is a highly popular National Park, so you will want to make reservations as far in advance of your trip as possible.


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